Enhancing Youth Engagement for the Climate Change Agenda

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Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia – National Youth Policy

National Adolescent and Youth Health Strategy (2016 – 2020)

Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey

National Costed Roadmap to End Child Marriage and FGM-C

Youth & Governance in Ethiopia

The paper discussed the overview of youth organizations as actors of democratizations through charting out the opportunities and challenges faced for them to play as key actors of governance.


Adding It Up – Investing in Contraception and Maternal and Newborn Health in Ethiopia – 2018

Induced Abortion and Postabortion Care in Ethiopia

ያለእድሜ ጋብቻ

ወጣትነትና የስነ-ተዋልዶ ጤና ገጽታዎች

Factsheet on Adolescent Health Services Barriers Assessment (AHSB) Report in Ethiopia


Child Marriage in Ethiopia: A review of the evidence and an analysis of the prevalence of child marriage in hotspot districts

Menstrual Health in Ethiopia | Landscape Analysis

Annual Report 2018 – TaYA

MOH Ethiopia Special Bulletin 22ND Annual Review Meeting


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Enhancing Youth Engagement for the Climate Change Agenda

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