We are Young

We are the present, We are the Future

Our Causes

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Sexual and Reproductive Health

We advocate for an enabling environment for adolescents and young people to responsibly enjoy their sexual and reproductive health rights

Youth Engagement

Meaningful Youth Engagement

We promote the meaningful participation of young people in development so that policies & programs respond to the best interest of young people

Women Empowerment

Girls and Women Empowerment

We commit for the empowerment of girls & young women through increasing access to education,  economic opportunities & fighting harmful traditional practices

Youth Employment

Youth Employment and Skills Building

We strive for increased youth employability because we firmly believe youth unemployment is a preventable situation with multiple consequences

Empowering Youth

Since 2003


We promote the health and well-being of Ethiopia’s youth by not only eliminating barriers to development but also enabling youth to realize their full potential.

stories of youth

The impacts of COVID – 19 on youth

Our Partners

FDRE Jobs Creation Commission
Amref Health Africa
Plan International
Choice for Youth and Sexuality
Development Expertise Center
Amplify Change
Girls Not Brides
Voluntary Service Overseas