Impacts of

COVID – 19 on youth

Stories of youth

COVID 19 presented unprecedented challenges on how we live, interact, and do business. We tried to investigate how young people responded to the challenge of COVID 19. Through the lived experiences of young people, we tried to see how the pandemic has inspired creativity, innovation, and resilience. We hope these stories will pave the way for the state (government) and other stakeholders in supporting recovery from the impact.

Story of Samrawit Mengsteab

Samrawit Mengsteab

“It had enabled me to make friends that would help me to achieve my goals. “

Story of Fasil Birhanu

Fasil Birhanu

“You understand the value of peace and health once you lose them!”

Mekdelawit Mengesha

Mekdelawit Mengesha

“COVID-19 had forced me to stay away from my boyfriend and family!”

Story Abdulkerim Oumar

Abdulkerim Oumar

“Apart from the psychological pressure it has created on me, it has affected my social life. “

Story of Tsion Tadesse

Tsion Tadesse

“What I had feared had come to. My customers were no longer coming to my shop. “

Story of Abi Teklu

Abi Teklu

“It seems to come back altogether unless there is a second wave as the experts say. “

Story of Luam Solomon

Luam Solomon

“Everything halted, school got canceled and ‘Equb’ stopped.”

Story of Dawit Tadesse

Dawit Tadesse

“Journalism has been most important as ever; also, it’s never been as hard as it is currently.“

Story of Meron Ashenafi

Meron Ashenafi

“Everything stopped in a sudden.”

Story of Tigist Teklu

Tigist Teklu

“Write it down as ‘COVID stopped out livelihood’.”

Story of Mesafint Baysa

Mesafint Baysa

“As COVID shut the gate to the hallway we opened another gateway.”

Story of Maereg Andersa

Maereg Andersa

“I don’t think COVID affected other lines of work as bad as it did ours.”

Story of Abule Melkamu

Abule Melkamu

“I lost my job because of COVID!”

Story of Hirut Tadesse

Hirut Tadesse

“I decided to keep trying in belief that the hardships would eventually pass.”

Story of Emuye Hailu

Emuye Hailu

“I lost my customers in a blink of an eye.”

Story of Suraphel Girma

Suraphel Girma

“The State of Emergency declared by the federal government had directly affected my field of work.”

Story of Selemawit Bekele

Selemawit Bekele

“Equipment those I have been collecting are cheaply sold.”

Story of Genet Endris

Genet Endris

“The pressure COVID – 19 has created on my job is immense.”

Story of Shibiru Bikila

Shibiru Bikila

“Covid almost starved us all during those days”

Story of Henok Abebe

Henok Abebe

“This pandemic changed my way of living.”

The stories have been brought to you in partnership with
ActionAid Ethiopia.