Our Partners

We strongly believe in working with others to bring synergetic results to the overall program undertaking in trying to solving complex challenges in our development work. Through pooling resources, expertise, experience, our collective action is more impactful than what we can deliver on our own. With this in vie we work with quite diverse range of partners ranging from funding partners, local and internationalimplementing partners, government.

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Main Implimenting Partners

Networking and collaboration is our key operating principle. We deeply value our partner relationships. Through working with our partners, we can bring expertise, knowledge and understanding of the situation we are working with. We partner up with grassroots organizations, cooperatives, government organizations, academic institutions, local and international NGOs.

Network Membership

Acknowledging the importance of working together with other organizations to help each other, learn from each other, and to achieve more together impactful results, TaYA is a formally registered member of different networks.

Government Partners

We execute project jointly with government organizations. We did enjoy an excellent working relationship with relevant government offices in our work. We leverage our experiences and expertise in the youth development field and through working closely with our government counterparts we try to advocate for more meaningful engagement of young people in policy making and program implementation.

We are committed to partnerships that are empowering, respectful, and focused on mutual learning and growth. We believe that poverty and social injustice can best be addressed through strategic and impactful partnerships with a range of actors from government, civil society, private sector and beyond.

Main Funding Partners

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